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7 Tales To Be Remembered

Fiction Novel
7 Tales To Be Remembered
A Bit about Vishal
Author Vishal Mehta

Vishal Mehta is the author of the Fiction Book – “7 Tales To Be Remembered.” This book is all about storytelling with beautiful manifestations of writing. Expressing one’s thoughts is an art. Somewhere between abstraction and exaggeration lies the beauty of writing. You may know what you know, but you may not be able to write precisely what you feel. That’s something annoyingly beautiful about being a writer. 

Besides, he is a part-time Ghostwriter and a top-rated Content Writer on Upwork. His words are preoccupied with the ingenuity of his imagination and divergent thinking. Although he is good at conveying his thoughts, he still believes one can always be better. Perfection is the least he seeks for himself, which keeps him engaged regardless of the previous day’s result.

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Dressed For Ruin

Book Rating

This book has all the shades of love, hatred, self love, friendship, betrayal, parenthood and what not. The author has put his heart and soul in this book and it shows. Loved reading all the stories but my favourite was “A Violent Writer” which one is yours?

Sutasha Singh Badal

Book Rating

A collection of seven short stories, this book provides for light reading. It deals with stories based on strong feelings on different genres like revenge, betrayal and love. The fifth story touched me a lot.

7 Tales to be remembered are indeed worth remembering. The author has beautiful threaded the stories and liked his storytelling mannerism. A Violent Writer, The Broke Father, The grief of Colorblind is extremely touchy.

I came to know about the book through this official website of Author Vishal Mehta. I have read numerous books (both fiction and non-fiction), but never anything like this one. I wonder what lead the author to create stories in such a unique yet reasonable way.  Hats off!! He has the potential to become the best selling author.


Book Rating

I really loved all 7 stories.
Writing style is creative! though I want some stories to be a little bit more as I was really excited about what's gonna next.
Mind-blowing (7 times)
Good work!! Vishal Mehta

Ankur Rana

The author has a compelling writing style (a bit poetic) with a clear representation of the plots and ideas. You won’t get bored for a second. All the stories are original and engaging. Most of the stories will chill your spines because of the mystery and thriller aspect in them.

Madhuri Gurjar