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Vishal Mehta is a Psychology student and a part-time freelance writer. His words are preoccupied with the creativity of his imagination and divergent thinking. Although he is good at expressing his thoughts, he still believes one can always be better. Perfection is the least he seeks for himself, which keeps him engaged regardless of the previous day’s result.

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Author Bio

Vishal Mehta's author journey is highly unanticipated as he was neither aware nor confident of his writing skills. He somehow discovered this passion four years ago, when he first wrote “Handwritten Letters” to his friends. And he received genuine appreciation from them. This minor incident changed his perception entirely of the writing and encouraged him to write further. He then wrote several articles, quotes, and poems but never dared to write a book. Writing a book of his own was still a dream.

Last year during the lockdown, he stepped into the social media world to reach out to a specific audience to share his valuable quotes. But the more he influenced people with his quotes, the more he realized his potential. Gradually and eventually, he developed confidence and decided to transcend his limits.

This year, he finally made up his mind to carve his words to create a compilation of Epic Fiction Short Stories of different genres that will touch the readers and leave them amazed. With his creativity and magical thought process, he was able to complete the book in two months. It wasn’t an easy task, but an interesting one.

Being a first-time author, he came across several challenges. Still, he thoroughly lived and cherished the story writing process. 7 TALES TO BE REMEMBERED is his first-ever project. He is pretty optimistic about it. As a passionate writer, he feels obliged to share his work with you. He believes you’ll feel associated with the stories and the characters in them.