7 Tales To Be Remembered

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7 TALES TO BE REMEMBERED is the ultimate compilation of Seven Fiction Short Stories of mixed genres. The author has worked vigilantly on each character and tried to keep the story brief, yet everything is explained beautifully. You’ll get to read exquisite plots with soul-stirring dialogues that would leave you awestruck.

There are countless Fiction Books on the internet. Bookstores as well are flooded with different genres for you to explore. Now, why 7 Tales To Be Remembered? How is this different from the rest? Is it better from what you've already read? Well, it depends on how you interpret each plot.  You'll get to read not one but seven different tales with a heartwarming endings to be remembered by you.

The author does acknowledge; most readers don’t have time to finish the entire novel in one go. That’s why he has created independent plots, which will make reading easy and appealing. Each narration leaves a message with an essence of thrill and few unanswered questions for you to find. You’ll witness - Betrayal, Revenge, Crime, Sci-fi, Love, Drama, Horror, Violence, and much more. Be prepared for a sensational roller-coaster ride with unexpected climaxes to unfold.